Happy Thanksgiving

As we come to another this Thanksgiving with family and friends, we’re often thinking about those who can’t be with us for the fest of chow and the holiday of Thanksgiving and more. No matter what life’s drama’s are and how they fold and unfold – Thanksgiving is a time for everyone to be together, not somewhere else, like being in jail or more, unless your caught in the storm of the century as we’ve seen in some part of the country these past couple of weeks.

We are often reminded of the little things that many have forgotten and forsaken in life. It makes me sad enough to see family members without their parents being together for the thanksgiving holiday has the kids can enjoy the company of their mother, father, grandparents and more on a holiday where everyone comes together – hardships are no excuse, the drama between the two is often dangerous – but, these are the little things that we most regret, we’re all human and we’re prone to something that’s called, “Misunderstanding.”

Being a world away from one’s family is a world destroyed. Period. Some people just don’t get it or just don’t understand it. But, life has it’s up’s and down’s no matter how you see or feel it, often it’s just the cold chip on one’s shoulder that can never heal because some feel they can never heal.

I remember a long time ago, during my early days as a professional bounty hunter with my brother, I consoled a female suspect, who dreaded her family would never change despite the circumstances. She told me she was prone to change despite the missed chances. She couldn’t understand what change was or how it worked, I told her, “change makes lives better for all, but staying together as a family is the most important thing in life.” She went on to say she didn’t know how to change or where it came from? My answer to her was, “if you stop to think about what you’ve done and how much you’ve heart your family, friends and other family members, change can bring you to better terms in life, especially with her children,” I said, has she stood handcuffed at the rear of the car.

She spent a great ton of her years in and out of jail for various reasons and times, but this was the last straw and the line needed to be drawn in the sand – after some careful talk and listening before she was booked into the county jail, she leaned over and told me, “she had never heard someone talk to her as I did and the sense I made in getting her to see the light,” she knew the importance of change and the road to recovery would be hard. Several months later, while walking out of the courthouse, we encountered her again, this time with her entire family in tow and in much happier spirits and times.

She told me, when she went to the judge and asked for change, the road to change and recovery was granted, the judge agreed all because she finally saw the meaning and the light she needed, this was her “thanksgiving,” her second chance at life to be with her kids, husband and her entire family.

The moral of this story is that change is possible in many ways that many just can’t see, until you listen to the hearts of others. As I write this blog post today – a family member sits in jail, not being able to see his two loving daughters that his entire world. Their mother seems not wanting to change and work things out for the better of the girls, as I see things from experience and life’s expectancy of other’s, that she can’t seem to understand that things can workout in ways she never saw possible. It’s the understanding at an age that many think they have it all planned, but usually they don’t. No matter what the hardships are the kids are always in the middle as mom and dad fight, bitch and ramble the world away – but it’s the simple things in life they forget, the kids.

I know for a fact they can change and change will be hard to make, they just have to work harder and better and stay away from the drama, bull and demons of drinking in order to make the best for the kids.

I hate it when parents, regardless if it’s a mother or father that says, “they don’t want change” – to me that’s the gravest mistake they can make. “Why,” as you may ask – the answer is simple, very simple. When you refuse to take change, you refuse to make amends with life and you refuse to endure the chance of the kids growing up with mom and dad under the same roof for their most cherished moments of life – that’s what brings life into their daily lives of having mom and dad around for their growing wonder years as they progress into full grown adults.

It’s their way of seeing how they’re lives change through the years as they age older. All in all, it’s Thanksgiving and thanksgiving is a time for everyone to be together.


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