Most needed tools a writer needs, while traveling

cellphone wi-fi hotspot

One of the best things about writing and working outside of the home office is having internet access, while your on the go, especially, when you have tight deadlines approaching. Having a laptop or tablet with Wi-fi access makes the traveling writer or bloggers job a little more easier while traveling the road or being away from the home office on assignment and more.

Working and writing on the go nowadays seems to be the norm these days compared to how things were done in the past, when reporters, writers and photographers had to make a mad dash across town to make ends meet during tight deadlines and more, before the story was to hit the presses for publication for readers to read in time or the morning or evening paper.

With the today’s technology a writers job is much easier with the help of twenty-first technology and the use of computers, such as iPads, tablets and other electronic devices that offer internet access on the go, including your smartphone which may act as a wireless hotspot, when there is no internet access available traditional means while traveling aboard a train, bus or in a secluded locale with no wireless internet access. Recently, while taking the Amtrak Cascades to Portland, Oregon on business, I had a the first chance in a long time to take my laptop computer with me for the trip – leaving at five-thirty in the morning from Eugene to Portland, having my laptop allowed me to finish up and edit a blog post I had been writing and working on since the week before – it not only allowed me to work and publish the article to my blog at the same time, but also allowed me to pass time while on the two hour and eight minute train ride between Eugene and Portland.

writer on amtrak train I’ve taken Amtrak before in the past, but have I never taken my laptop computer with me until now- even though I’ve seen other folks take theirs with them on the train – after getting the idea of taking taking my computer with me for the trip to Portland, Oregon, I decided it was time for me to face the fact this wasn’t the past it was the future – so along went the Sony and my laptop bag, which literally doubled as my “office” on the go.

For the next two hours and eight minutes, I was able to hack away at the keyboard and finish writing an article I had been working on for the past week before setting it loose and publishing it to my blog an hour before reaching Union Station in Portland, Oregon. Technology! How amazing is that? Actually, it has opened some eyes on my end and has already giving me some leisurely ideas of taking another Amtrak trip and turning it into another, writing on the train trip.

I have not decided on where I will take my next Amtrak trip or will it be a long distance travel gig? But, the idea isn’t stopping me from thinking about the idea of doing such a trip to see family and friends in California. Traveling by train offers not only the traveling writer and blogger the means of travel but the ability to work while riding the rails as I mention before in this article.

It’s pretty cool to know that Amtrak has wireless internet on their trains nowadays and some of their routes don’t wireless internet access on their routes. It’s always good to have a wireless hot spot app on your smartphone to use it a portal to the internet when there is no internet available on a train or in an area where no internet is readily available for wireless computer users on the go.

Not only was I able to use the computer but there were also power outlet to plug in my computer and if I wanted I could also use my phone’s usb cord to charge my phone with one of my usb ports on my computer or use the plug in adaptor to my usb cord to use with a 12v power outlet below my arm of my seat. It’s pretty amazing how technology has transformed today’s world travelers who travel by train and have the hearty option to take their computers and tablets with them for the for the ride and work between stops along their route.

Amtrak seating If you haven’t tried traveling with your computer on Amtrak, it’s probably a good idea to take your laptop along with you for the ride, you’ll be glad you did – has it will pass the time when it comes to getting bored and having nothing to do, you have the future at your finger tips in the specs of a laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet access along the way – but, it’s more manageable as a writer and blogger the leisure of travel is to get boredom kicked out and the fun back into the trip, makes more since than to fight insomniac epidemic of the, “I should’ve and I shouldn’t have syndrome,” before starting your trip aboard the train.

Travel is always fun on a train when you have these gadgets at your finger tips – it’s the way to travel and it’s a way of not getting distracted while driving and getting stern lectures from overzealous kids and passengers asking you to wait until we get to our destination to check your phone messages, tweets, Facebook and more that can cause distracted driving – the better the smarts, the better it is to travel, work, write and blog.

Until next time happy travels.