Christmas Magic – Finally?

Every since, I wrote my last blog article – something out of the Christmas blue took a 360 degree turnaround for a the better, rather than the ugly world of – “see, I told you sooo,” mentality! Now, just how the hell that happen? I dunno? But, I’d never expected it to happen in the first place – even though, when I went up for last mapping on my refurbished speech processor for Cochlear Implant last week in Portland, it didn’t seem like it was going to happen from the start, as Me and my Audiologist both thought, “this was a done deal – ain’t gonna happen bro!”

So back to “Trackcity, USA,” I go…

Nucleus 6 Sound Processor
Nucleus 6 Sound Processor

Well, guess it happened – literally! Another mission from “heaven”. That’s what likely threw me on the curve for the last week and half, thinking I was under the “George Bailey curse” of thoughtful thinking?

So here’s the news folks – I’m getting the Nucleus 6 Processor upgrade after all – “hooha!!”

Somehow, I still want to know how the game plan all changed with all these strange turn of events, that had me plagued with some doubting suspense right from the start and more?

Ultimately, I was ambushed! Not, by warfare, hacking or the silliness of some YouTube dogchow named, Greg Benson! Gotta love Greg’s YouTube channel Medicore Films – but, that’s not why I was ambushed to being with – I’m well, literally “ambushed, ambushed, ambushed!” Ok, not time to call in the cavalry or General George Custer to the rescue – not, just yet.

What’s really weird about this entire ordeal is that it’s nearly Christmas and it’s, “the most wonderful time of the year,” as they say – ironically, it’s still a long walk back to “Bedford Falls,” the home of ole George Bailey and I think I’ve found my way back in the snow drifts that seem to keep popping up outta nowhere!

Now, that I’ve gotten the good news, that I’m actually getting my hands and feet wet on a spanking brand new Nucleus 6 Processor and an assortment of goodies along with it, “Chapter 2” of my Cochlear Implant journey is about to begin before the start of the New Year – now, how good is that for a Christmas Present from the Heavens!

As should say – “let the games begin! and bring on the Christmas magic of the season!”

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