Milestone – Number 200!


When, I first started blogging back in 2007-’08, I didn’t think I’d achieve much of milestone to begin with? – Even though, I jumped on the band wagon of MySpace, Blogger and finally – WordPress!

It’s now 2015 – a mere seven years later into the future. I actually started writing a couple of years after I got out of high school. It all started around 1986, when I took my first Freelance writing class from a local author and writer by the name of “Gaines Smith” – Smith taught inspiring writers how to write and more through Lane Community College’s Community Education Program at LCC, he later died before I could ever thank him/for the inspiration he provided back in 1986.

He was an asset to his students, who applied the tools of the trade of being a writer, a freelancer of sorts – some took the knowledge they learned from Gaines’s and applied it later in life, for others, some never published and some kept the knowledge he taught them, has a resource and tool that could later become the masterpiece of their next “Great American Novel.”. It was something simple, easy and was worth every penny they spent learning from an experienced and published writer.

Some had dreams big as big as the “HMS Titanic” and others just had the simplicity of mastering a craft to write, blog or just to write something simple as journal to be published by its author at his or her leisure. Writing is simple, but it can be hard especially when the writer has a overachieving deadline and editorial schedule – like me – my deadlines tend to vary depending on when I’m writing in the office or setting up shop in some upscale coffee joint like Starbucks, the Library, The Beanery or just about anywhere with a WiFi accessibility – “A writers most inspiring cloud in heaven,” has I call it, when I’m away from the home office.

Inspiring, but true – it couldn’t get any better than that.

In honoring of my 200th blog entry – life as writer and blogger is taking on a life of its own, which amazes me nowadays, than it did back in 1986. Two years fresh out of high school, my career was launched – but, seriously? How did I manage to get here all in one swoop? Persistence and some hard work! Every once in a while, I’ll get one those timely questionnaire type questions of how I do it? – the answer is simple as drinking eggnog, “be prepared for a lot of rewriting to happen, as you go along writing your first drafts – nothing is finished, until your absolutely sure, you’ve mastered the buffet line fair and square and the drafts you’ve written, start to make music to your ears!”

It was simple sound advice and it fit the bill perfectly and that is probably why, I have gotten away with 199 previous blog articles posted to this blog since 2007, when I started my very first blog, “The Bionic Ear,” on – the blog is no longer in publication and has been taken down, as I had moved all of my blog writing material to WordPress in 2009.

It’s no dark secret, but the cat is out of the hat and I’m still blogging after seven years – now, just how awesome is that? Pretty damn awesome, if you ask me! Blogging has become a passion for the written word for many who use the platform to write their ideals and beliefs for all to see and read worldwide – it’s the platform that makes their voices heard, after seven years, blogging is a daily passion, the written word is the perfectly sane, stable and the perfect booger between sneezes – It’s the perfectionist of a writer that keeps things amiss and the flow going to the charts and the rivers clamoring with chunks of winter ice flowing down the coldest river in the world.

Nothing compares things better today, than what it did back than in 1986, when I first started writing – it’s how we write today and publish them tomorrow, faster than one would think and the time and effort it took to write and publish a piece of work by 1986 standards. One simple answer to it all, if it hadn’t been for the 200 blog posts, that I’ve written through the years, the milestone wouldn’t have been the most talked about succession of my career as a Writer and blogger, instead, it would’ve been another turtle or “the Jessica” of attributes to the once dead air that once cluttered the airwaves with such succession of writer’s block and the norm.

It’s probably pity to say – “one’s success depends on the success of the writer who decides, that the accomplishment is far better to one’s virtue of self-determination to match his or her level of achievement to their success to inspire the written word to those seeking the same inspiring accomplishment and level of determination to reach and connect with the readers they inspire on a daily basis.”

The process is just as simple – Write, blog make them speak and converse with the world as the writing process inspires them to blog and write on a daily basis. It’s that simple and that’s how it was done in the west – not exactly the “wild, wild west,” but the west as we know it today is full of technology advances than that of the 1800’s.

“Ahh, priceless, as I must say Vulcan, achievement has been made for all to read and inspire within their own means – it doesn’t get any better than that, it’s truly an accomplishment to write two-hundred blog articles to my blog and knowing they’ve been read and have made the connection with readers and followers.”

As we can say, it’s mission accomplished with blog number 200.

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