The first case of 2015 Writer’s Block – from 2014!

A blank page, no notes, a pen sits nearby - waiting to deploy for work!
A blank page, no notes, a pen sits nearby waiting to deploy for work!

…That’s exactly what I said, “I’m experiencing a case of 2014-2015 writer’s block,” hopefully, it’s only a temporary dinosaur, that will not eat into my day’s plans to blog and write! – I hate when that happens, when you’ve almost posted a milestone of two-hundred blogs from seven years prior.

Damn, that dino sure knows how to bite one’s ass to a logical sense of fact, matter and encouragement, when it comes to writing and blogging – crap, my late Freelance Writing Instructor, never said, “writing would be easy, but expect to get a case of writer’s block over the course of your career as a writer,” he once told students in his freelance writing class.

Perhaps, he was right? Seriously? – it ain’t easy to write, when the game plan changes from an idea to an impassable line of jungle fever, “I can’t go there without a battlefield in place” – now, that battlefield has been built, planned and ready to execute with precision skill and thought, the battle plan can only begin with a plan multi-task between writing projects in the works.


Editors Note: This blog post was supposed to be blog number 199, it was still in the draft’s file, when I went to check on things that had not yet been published to the blog – this one was supposed to be out just before the start of the new year and never made it out of the hat – until now. Enjoy.

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