Filmmaker Moore mocks American Sniper

Michael Moore, say's "snipers are cowards."
Michael Moore, say’s “snipers are cowards.”

It’s been mountains of hell. It’s been mountains of crap. It’s been said, that once you call a man “a coward,” you’re in for the flack of flammable bullshit and propaganda. Actor Michael Moore recently said, that American Snipers were indeed, “Cowards.”

Moore has started a firestorm that has exploded like wildfire & more and across the bands of Social Media, since the Bradley Cooper film, “American Sniper” was released, it broke box office records over the weekend to a shattering $90 Million in the weekend box office.

Directed by Actor/Director Clint Eastwood, “American Sniper,” has been causing a battle to brew between Michael Moore, Bradley Cooper and Seth Rogen, since the films wide release earlier this month.

Bradley Cooper (Photo By warner Bros)
Bradley Cooper (Photo By Warner Bros)

In what could be a lengthy battle between Eastwood, Cooper and Moore, the firestorm rages on as Moore proclaims, the $105 Million Motion Picture Directed by Eastwood, who once told, Moore, “he’d Kill’em,” he if ever stepped foot among Eastwood, he once said during an interview about Moore.

Pulling in a record astounding $100 Million plus during the Martin Luther King Holiday, “American Sniper” has shattered move box office proceeds in a few short days of their limited and wide theatrical release dates, Moore’s statements could have some stunning effects on his truce with American Servicemen and Women who currently serve in combat roles worldwide within the US Military and not to mention the ranks of Hollywood.

Having family members once serve in the Armed Forces during times of conflict such as World War II, Vietnam and during regular service tours of duty before 9/11, they all served with honor and pride to their country – but for someone such as Michael Moore to say American Snipers are, “cowards,” is a disgrace to the Men and Women who serve with honor and integrity to their country, Moore’s statements were drastically uncalled for by the filmmaker.

He puts the broken trumpet in place of a harp that can’t play the song of Mozart in the way of Taps, He has become the new controversy of America’s elite fighters of war – the snipers who serve in American branches of military services.

The question to Micheal Moore is, “why?” – Why does he even think that snipers are “cowards?” He has never served in any branch of America’s Armed Forces – he’s been focal and critical of the war on terror since 9/11 and has been seeking answers ever since.

His latest tyrants spell controversy among Hollywood insiders and American moviegoers, who have said, it’s a powerful story and story that had to be told even though Moore has created an outcast of tyrant behavior among American Servicemen and Women and the elite ranks of American Snipers who serve in the American Armed Forces.

With six Academy Award Nominations under the belt of Director Eastwood for Best Picture, Best Actor, Screenplay adaption, Film Editing, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing, the movie’s true story of American Sniper and Navy Seal Chris Kyle.

It’s yet to be seen if Moore, Eastwood, Rogen and Cooper will have their day aside from the ranks of controversy, which ultimately was started by Micheal Moore himself, he’s likely to have blown his anguish tail of ruling authority out the crawling window during the fierce firefight among words between, Hollywood and its elite ranks.

Let’s see how well American Sniper can do at next month’s Academy Awards Ceremony- it could make things interesting to say.