Be captive, make it simple

blogpix3.jpg“Captive for life!” Those are the words, I once heard from a voice that has eluded me for decades – decades, not centuries. Just how many decades, depends on where the count begins. Count Dracula does not count for any merit points in the prime of this blog post.

Captivated for life, there is always something for everyone. Life doesn’t have to be hard or demanding, it can be easy with just a few tweaks here and there. I’m often reminded of how things change and how things grow with process and the virtues of life. Life doesn’t have to be an enemy to be captivated – it can be anything you want life to be.

It’s that simple and that easy. Most folks try to hard to make ends meet, but they cease to fail in the long run, unexpectedly they fall into despair and redundancy. Simple chore and some plans make being captive for life a much easier task at hand. Do something simple, something easy and with less stress, life can be as easy as it can be with less captivity than one thinks.


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