To Inspire

old typewriterTo inspire, you must first indulge the creative process – it not only creates the inspiring minds with great fondness of the written word to make a creative medium come alive for one’s readers and followers.

It creates a genre of inspiration that creates the medium – the reader has found inspiring to their liking in the creative wolds of imagination.

When I travel by train, Amtrak that is – the creative process becomes an absolute necessity in my creative process as a Writer and blogger.

Nothing get’s left out – eventually, it does get edited somewhere along the way. Back in December, I had written two¬†blog articles about traveling by train, as I was on my way to an appointment in Portland from Eugene.

Union Station, Portland, Or.
Union Station, Portland, Or.

The 150 mile round-trip turned into a 300 mile trip from start to finish, a mere zip in, zip out-of-town like stance between the two Oregon cities – makes for a couple of hours worth of writing time and inspirational thoughts while working on several projects as the trains flies as an eighty mile an hour speeding bullet on the railroad line in the heart of the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon.

Heartfelt, but inspiring at the same time, writer’s, bloggers and other creative mediums who feel inspired as the travel by railroad, a picturesque of the land and native times that has passed before them since the 19th Century, the American railroad has been the basis of countless stories and movies.

A fellow writer in the Amtrak Writer’s Residency Program, Bill Willingham, said “riding the train does inspire him to write while traveling,” he said while being the subject of an interview about the Amtrak’s newest residency program with CBS News correspondent, Dean Reynolds, who spent two days aboard Amtrak with Willingham last year from has he traveled from Minnesota to Washington State aboard Amtrak over a period of six days, Reynolds said.

Inspiring thought, sights and scenes all become the writer’s key to an inspiring medium they implore to entice readers to their genre.

typing_thumb.jpgLike Willingham, I do find riding the train does inspire writers to create their ambition of the creative writing process as the churn and hack and polish the Greatest American Novel, the blockbuster script that will chew Hollywood moguls for more and publishers seeking the aforementioned novel of a traveling ghost train gone haywire across the famed railroads of America.

Looking for the much-needed inspiring themes of thought and the fanfare that would keep the reader coming back for more is to make the one’s work original as possible and inspiring to begin with – writing on Amtrak and along the famed railroads of America can bring a story alive, as Willingham said during his interview with CBS’s Dean Reynolds aboard Amtrak’s “Empire Builder” last year – Amtrak on the other hand, is just as close as the “traveling office” away from home, where your writer’s office is just about anywhere – including a train!

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