70 Years ago – Auschwitz became history after liberation

Entrance to Auschwitz
Entrance to Auschwitz

It’s been seventy years since the liberation of Auschwitz from the Germans during World War Two. Recently the BBC did a documentary of Auschwitz flew a drone over the WWII concentration camp site, where 1.4 millions Jews died between 1940-1945, while the Germans were on the lam of throwing the Jewish Men, Women and Children into concentration camps.

Seventy years later – this drone show’s the haunting affects the victims of the Holocaust dealt with during the second World War between 1940 and 1945.

Director Stephen Spielberg recently attended the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz and addressed some of the survivors of the Holocaust that were in attendance.


Writing in your PJ’s

cropped-freelanceblogwriter.jpgWhen you don’t have to leave the office, the house or the home-office as some might call it, some may call it blogging from home or “pajama blogging?” The ole mighty might is just that – blogging and writing in your jammies!

Writers and bloggers who don’t have to leave the home-office, den and the likes to travel, when it’s easier to be right at home near the fireplace or comfy and cozy in the home office and hacking away at the keyboard. Today, I’m writing in my PJ’s, as it’s one of those days, where I’m not planning on leaving the house or my office, unless there’s a need for me to be on the road with the trains, planes, automobiles and/or┬áriding my bike in the middle of the urban jungle to get the scoop of the story or a niche for a blog topic to conspire worth writing about.

My office ain’t no penthouse, it’s just that – an office, all situated away from the skyscraper like rows of New York’s Upper Manhattan. It ain’t no Brooklyn or Greenwich Village for that matter. It’s all posed and tucked in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, where life seems to be much easier than holding out the daily stress of marveling NYC’s nightmarish traffic bugles.

I remember a movie called, “How To Lose A Guy In ten Days,” where the writer in the movie was trying to shake off a flamboyant bachelor in ten days only to be chased down toward the end of the movie, where she said, “I’m late and going to Washington, D.C. for an interview, to write – it’s the only place, where I can write,” she said, but the actor who played opposite her said, to her character “that he didn’t believe that and she could write – anywhere,” therefore makes some rapidly sound sense to write in one’s PJ’s, when you’re not running away from the skepticism of writing about the urban jungle as a writer or blogging one of those off the wall pieces that seem to mimic the odd sense of the Felix Unger and Oscar Madison of New York’s Odd Couple fame, the sense to write in one’s PJ’s seems to be sensible and logical as a Vulcan would say, ideally, Mr. Spock would likely agree – well, logically.

Makes some sense huh? That’s what I thought!

Writing and blogging in one’s PJ’s can make some things enticing, but overall, there’s nothing bad about writing in your own PJ’s while working, writing and blogging, as if you were dressed for work and ready for deployment or thrown on assignment – the routine seems the same, just that the attire is culturally different for the time being.

“….., just what the doctor ordered and that’ll be five cents please,” just as Lucy would say to Charlie Brown as he stepped up to the booth for advise.