Nimrod Saturday’s – You lose it all!

coffee2_thumb.jpgI really hate it, when that happens on an early Saturday afternoon! You get the bright light bulb idea and you suddenly turn around from your other desk to your writing desk and has you reach the keyboard of your laptop, you finally – lose it all, damn!

No, not the computer. The idea you had at hand, that you were about to pen and write about to begin with – vanished, poof, gone, erased with no luck at regaining your conscious mind into recovery mode to retrace your original idea to thought and pen – the conspiracy files of thought, great, just great!

TWiT TV“Welcome to nimrod Saturday’s!” That was my first impression has if an Egyptian  mummy were being discovered for the first time on a foreign expedition of sorts. Never leaving my chair or leaving my homeland, the ideal remedy made some sensible sense – “the curse” had been laid to thought! Damnit, I’m still picking my brains to recover my ideal data of thought, but there’s no archival power or back-up memory to recruit the intelligence of thought, well screw it! Flamboyant, it’s the thought that eludes you for days, weeks, centuries and generations until well into the days of the future.

Ideally – this wasn’t the topic, I was going to pen on this Saturday afternoon, it was more of a raccoon of thoughts for a rainy day in the soggy drenched Pacific Northwest – it was easier to just pursue a new idea than crash on a runaway and tear one’s hair out of the roots of their skull and demand that it come back in a quack attack of the diamond rio of rags to riches – nope, didn’t happen. Oh well!

I’m thinking? – marvelous, it’s not really a ticking thought to energize with the stupid pink energizer bunny, but, on the other hand, having the secondary thought of ideas seem to work well?

Boldly to say having no idea to write about to begin with – is like having a archival  crash of memory systems on a data dump gone bad. Ideally, it was permissible to have a secondary plan of thought to pen during the dog days of soggy northwest rainstorms, that has bedazzled the air with random thoughts of energized thinking.

How awesome for a writer like me, who has a brain for styles on a soggy tropical Pacific Northwest afternoon!

Ironically, it isn’t the dual at the “OK Corral” with Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp, his brother’s Virgil and Morgan and the town’s Marshal hacking it out with some cattle rustlers at the famed corral that become a stable Tombstone, Arizona and Wyatt Earps history as a lawman in the days where he once ruled the town. in the 1880’s.

“oh yes, the warmth of an indoor day at the office, just makes it another day at the office, rather than having a splash of melting tropical moisture showering at your every turn, while huffing it up on an afternoon walk, really some’s up the cues of the afternoon,” as I say aloud in my mind.

Sigh…., the relief, the obvious is just the remedy you just can’t beat! Its just the writing process that takes the day by charm and the wits by the tail and brings it all together – awesome to have a cheering thought of patience for today’s Nimrod Saturday.

“Good grief Charlie Brown, that’s a wrap!”

How nimrod Saturdays should be!




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