Valentine’s Day Treasure

Yesterday was not only Valentine’s Day, but My Parents Wedding 37th Wedding Anniversary as well. It’s been so many years, I’ve nearly lost count at how many years they’ve been together – My Dad told me once during an earshot, they’ve known each for more than forty-years? Me thinks, most likely.

We’ve been together as a whole since, the early 1970’s, if not decades or generations, it’s still fresh in my mind after nearly fifty years of life – a half a century, an unbelievable milestone on my part of life. I would have never thought, I would reach the first milestones of life in the first fifty years! Amazing! Where has time gone? Where’s my childhood? Could I be dreaming this wild adult life or what?

Perhaps, I’m not like comedian “Bob Newhart,” waking up in bed in the middle of the night with “Tim Toolman Taylor,” at my side – that would be absurdly strange!

It’s almost like discovering a rare treasure trove of rare coins from a long-lost shipwreck never discovered or explored in the deep blues seas of the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon Coast, “where no man has ever gone before,” as I say in the style of the USS Enterprises, Captain James T. Kirk words of wisdom to her crew on the Starship Enterprise.

clock_thumb.jpgFinding the treasure troves of life has been around, since the beginning of time as we know it today by today’s standards.

But the lasting effects are the one’s we tend to keep and remember – as we widen down on this Valentine’s Day, the love and hearts among many family, friends and those you’ve come to love are the most cherished treasures of all – there’s not utterly doubt about that.

Cupid or not, there’s only one treasure to be discovered, the one your already attached too and the one’s your about to be attached too are the best cupid arrows as this Valentine’s day weekend proceeds into its final moments of truth before we all head and go back to work tomorrow as Monday follows along, a new treasure begins with a new adventure.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all (belated).


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