New writing project and more

Production board

Since my last blog post ten days ago, I’ve been literally distracted in producing another project that has taken possession of my writing life and career and I know some of my followers have been wondering what has been keeping me from the writing bug of posting blogs to my blog and the answer to that is very well versed in the next paragraph!

So, you want to know what has been keeping me from writing blogs on my blog, huh? I kinda figured you’d be asking that question – well, there is a very good poised excuse to come with the news, I’m about to break to you all…. Yup, I’m one of those dying breeded hungry writer’s, who get’s suckered into the “writer’s room or his or her office,” hacking on the next big writing project that will likely be his or her last – well not entirely my last – but a hunkered down version of that, if you ask me.

The new project has taken me back to my writing roots of writing screenplays versus writing blogs and more. In the last eight days, since last week, the process has pretty much kept me in my office developing the story and writing the script at the same time and multi-tasking research, plotting and has also led me to the collaborating with a friend who has done some short films in the past.

The new project is also likely to lead me into Directing and Producing as well as writing. I’m exciting about pursing the new opportunity – but, it won’t stop me from writing blogs and other freelance writing projects, either. It’s just another extension of writing that will keep me busy in the long run.


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