Being flexible as a you burn the midnight oil

2015@Jeff Newton
Writer/blogger Jeff Newton in his office penning his current Short Film Project. Photo by Author.

Being the flexible type, writing is like having sausage and eggs in the middle of the night.

The other night, I sat in my office with an aroma candle burning the midnight oil, which is actually been doing double duty as a candle and a brew of winter.

Since, I brought the candle into the office – for a breather in the aroma of “Winter Wonderland,” the scented candle has given me some decoyed vibes of a misconduct winter, which had been tried & trued with deary of winter blues.

But, that’s not all. The stereo had been turned on and I listened to “Coast to Coast with George Noory,” on the radio as well – but that wasn’t all either. there was plenty of company with the police scanner also running in the background, as well as the brave men and women in public servant’s the Police and Fire Department kept watch and to protect and serve the city throughout the night – it wasn’t exactly “Adam-12 or Emergency!” – it was real life reality heard on the airwaves.

I’ve decided, its flexibility night. What could possibly go wrong while doing some multi-tasking at the same time – writing, scripting and blogging?

Not to mention, I still have a long ways to go with the short film project, I’m currently working on, which is still in the scripting phrase of the project. A process that is taking longer and harder to pen than I had originally thought – there is no easy way out of making it easier than you think – it’s a writer’s job to ponder writing the story and scripting script to perfection to production.

All in all, it’s a learning experience to say.

But, at the end, it’ll be worthwhile, as the project expands to the reality of being put into production, shot, edited and packaged for distribution to one’s YouTube Channel or the likes?

Rather you’re a blogger, writer, scriptwriter (another word for screenwriter) or an up and coming writer of your own genre, writing is a benefit and tool – but an awesome promotional vehicle as well, if you’re looking to produce and distribute your work to your favorite social networking site, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram to name a few, which can become launching vehicles for one’s work – the possibilities are endless and the journey you started and the story your created will likely not be the end of the first, but the beginning of another or possibly the start to a sequel or the giant leap to a sounding franchise that is likely to captive followers into a cult following of sorts.

No matter what the genre is or the fancy your fingers tap at the keyboard, Billy Crystal once said in the move, “Throw Momma From The Train” with Danny Devito, “A Writer writes always!” – no matter the genre or the addiction, he was right and that’s a wrap for the second day of Spring!

“…, Indeed!”


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