Spring means reviews on the way

With the weather changing and the arrival of Spring – it means new things in the works as the blog continues to grow and readership and followers continue to mount.

I’m currently working on some review projects that will likely be published and posted to the blog in early April. All the projects and reviews will be posted to the new menu header at the top of this blog in the – well, you guessed it, “Reviews & More Section.”

The heart of the Willamette Valley of Oregon has an abundance of activities and more from Mountain Biking to visiting some of the best Vineyards in Western Oregon. But, it doesn’t stop there and the buck keeps passing around with more than just dining on wines and mountain biking the hills, you can also enjoy the scenery and the elegant hikes in the Central Willamette Valley and more. You’ve also probably noticed, that I’ve also added a new “Yelp Review Badge,” to right hand content bar on my food reviews – most of my foot reviews will go there, unless I entire run into the struck of luck and decide to post them end up being more in-depth with a pictorial spread into the blog post.

So, stay tuned to this bat channel and we’ll have more to come for all to enjoy – happy spring everyone!


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