Only one way in and one way out

OLD-TYPEWRITER_thumb.png“There is only one way in and there’s only one way out,” as a man’s voice said, during a recent viewing of a video story on an episode of “Rick Dancer TV.”

Dancer made those famous words during a trip to Alaska for episode he made for his show, which is a locally produced weekly television newsmagazine, he produces locally on Eugene’s KEVU Television.

It wasn’t the story of that Dancer did about the “Redoubt Lodge,” in Alaska where his Son Jess works as a guide each spring and summer. It was the words that came to mind that made some literary sense, “there’s only one way in and there’s only one way out,” those words made the most sensible sense in my thinking mind.

What to think when you hear those words, there is a dimension of thought that takes over one’s mind into a swirl of ideas with a concise feeling of leisure and prejudice, when it comes to writing in the middle of the night as the midnight oil continues to burn well into the dawn of darkness toward daybreak.

“There’s only one way in and one way out,” – it means the creative boundaries are completely unlimited to begin with – as, ABC’s Crime Drama “Castle,” went into its 7th Season Finale last night, Castle’s Daughter Alexis was wondering and being perplexed about what she wants to do with life –  her father kindly said, “she could whatever she wanted with life,” has he looked dazed and worried over a case that he and his wife Detective Kate Beckett were investigating in the season finale.

Castles words to Alexis gave me that same feeling back in the day when I myself started writing myself back in late eighties. I remember the day fondly as life unfolded and my decision to become a writer was the likely the grand slam out center field over Yankee Stadium stimulated my insane stupidity to do what I do now – blog and write.

Writing is my craft. My choice of profession. Blogging is a creative mind, that not only works, but does it best at the creativity of the written word. The words of Richard Castle to his daughter Alexis, means the joys to those who dwell to find their happiness at what they choose to do with their lives, as Castle said to Alexis – the meaning is the same thing, my late Uncle said to me before he passed away, while I was in high school.

What only makes some sense today, makes some sense in those words said, “there’s only one way in and one way out,” rather it’s by sea, air or balloon, the written word seems the same say with the same vision as silence strokes the sound of one’s silent world, as I type this blog post with nothing but pure silence – not a stroke of the keys of my wireless keyboard is making the obnoxious sounds of pressed keys as they are pressed hard against the keyboard, as I write.

The epilogue of life reminds me there is always something lurking around to write about and something to divulge to become a story, so there’s only one way in to the story – is to write about it and get it out to readers and viewers to understand how it’s told from start to finish, getting the story into the right hands and into the right minds of viewers is to publish the story now matter what, there’s only one way in and one way out – research, read, write and publish the story.


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