Lee Goldberg on writing and self-publishing

One of my favorite things about writing is not just working from home in my second floor office, but also following along those writers, who I admire in the field of writing, rather it’s ABC’s Richard Castle, the late Stephen J. Cannel, who wrote some of the best action drama series in the 20th Century before his death in 2010, his novels still rank some of the best in the business, along with the television series he also wrote and produced throughout his life and career.

But, one lucky writer and producer stood out was Lee Goldberg, who is the mastermind behind the Monk Novels and more. While lurking to write another blog post for this week, I decided to visit Lee’s website and I found this video of him talking about his career and how he went to self-publishing with his novels with Amazon.

Lee Goldberg continues to inspires me as a writer, as Castle does with his “Niki Heat” series of novels, even though Castle is a fictional character and writer with real novels published on the market under his own byline of Richard Castle – the concept by ABC Television makes the ABC Drama Series “Castle” one of the most successful television series ever product by a television network with the flare and taste of the mystery genre of television drama.

Goldberg continues to raise the bar on his Monk novels as well as other literary works he has written and produced for television throughout his career as an Author, Producer and Writer, what more can you ask for in an author who tends to keep Dr. Mark Sloan’s character alive after his character’s series “Diagnosis Murder,”  was cancelled by the CBS Television Network in 2001.



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