24 days

writer-s-block-1024x7681-2.jpg  It’s not about the movie of the same name. It’s about the memories of life. Twenty-five days from now, life will be at the half century mark, my first fifty-years of life. Many years ago, I never thought, I would sit down and write the book of life. That very same book has yet to be written – but, it will be told, someday.

When it comes to the ages of life – there are so many dramatics that makes the story come to life. You can’t conquer or condone it, as the facts of life has already been written, it has to wait until final chapter is written fifty years or more later down the road. Sometimes, I Wonder and assure myself, that it would be written – not by just blogging about it, but literally writing about it in my daily journal. The journal resides off my computer in the lines of a few composition books that have taken literary residence on my desk or bookshelf in my home office as the journal is written.

It almost makes me look like a “Cartwright,” as in the Cartwrights from the Ponderosa in Carson City, Nevada. If you don’t now who the Cartwrights were, think of the classic 1950’s western television show, “Bonanza” with the late Michael Landon and Lorene Green, Dean Blocker and the late Parnell Roberts.

The first fifty years of life might sound like a classic rerun of a Bonanza episode. But the clock keeps ticking with the locks of life. Has I look back at my first fifty years, I often wonder what my next fifty years will be like into the future? Will I have a novel or two or more streaking across the bookshelves of American homes and around the world? Will I be standing next to Richard Castle in a battle of the novelettes challenge and more? Will there be any merit points created on having a popular television show in the running based on a story created and more?

Well, I guess time will tell on how the next chapter is written fifty years from now and the only thing written on the wall is, “sigh” – ultimately, life is full of strange dreams and eventful chore of surprises, perhaps this was what “the book Eli,” called for or the book life? Whichever comes first one of them will win the trophy of being the ugliest bastard on earth fifty years from now, I’ll somehow rewrite this chapter fifty years and explain decades of life to the kids and more, “sigh…!”

To be continued in fifty years!


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