Five decades at being 50!

IMAG1042What’s it to be fifty – yes, the big 5-0? We’re talking five decades of life, a life, nearly half way to the 100 year century mark, which makes for another fifty years in the making for “Chapter Two.”

“Five decades!” I’m thinking how amazing is that? I’m still alive today as before I was born. I never knew what, where or how life would lead me in the future years, when it came around to see the world in 1965 – “right in the middle of the dead smack 60’s,” has I say.

I can honestly say, my first fifty years was as interesting as it was from the beginning. I missed out on the President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination just a couple years earlier in 1963. I saw the wrath’s of war as Vietnam battled the Viet Cong in Southeast Asia, that was indebted with war protests of the war until it’s in 1974.

One thing that became a prime stable in my first fifty years of life was watching the spiraling fall of an American President over his participation in the “Watergate Scandal,” the rise and fall Richard Nixon was just the plot that America needed by a couple crack Washington Post Reports named Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward.

Nixon’s fall from grace isn’t the only thing and resignation from the office of the President that left an embattled President relinquish his throne and castle. I how can I ever forget the first steps made on the Moon by an human being in 1969.

President Kennedy had made it a goal that a man would be sent to the moon by the end of the decade in the early 1960’s and the feat of the goal was accomplished in the summer of 1969, when Neil Armstrong made those first famous steps outside the landing capsule, which was televised around the world live as Armstrong made the infamous leap from the ladder to the surface of the moon.

When it came to the 1970’s, it was roller disco all the way to the ’80’s and my first years into public schools has the ’70’s dragged onward toward the end of the decade, I finally made the leap from grade school to junior high, than finally high school, graduation and college.

I look back at those five decades and my first fifty years – I could never been sure enough, if it would last this long, but somehow it did. Amazingly, if not incredibly, it was well deserved. But, somehow the buck really doesn’t stop there – “life goes on, on and on and on,” has they say, whenever you hear the song “Don’t Stop Believin,” from the rock group Journey as lead volcalist Steve Perry sings the most impressive song ever recorded in the bands history.

The song fits the billing as the first 5 decades drags on and the next five will have to leap into something more challenging than what the first fifty years accomplished. I not only seeing life doing that, but dreams also coming true or nearly getting there as planned.

It’s just a matter of time on how the second chapter of life is written in the next five decades and fifty years from now. I’ll just enjoy has I can until I’m ready to hang up my spurs, hat, saddle and let my horse run into the twilight has the sunsets along the western horizon.

So in the words of a wiseman, “his 50th birthday is the turning point where life is written into stone.”


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