It’s July, think like Christmas

xmastree.jpg“Exactly!”, just as I said – July may be a Summer month, but I’m certainly thinking like Christmas some five months ahead of time. When the heat rises in the summer, you literally wish is was Winter again – that’s something many folks wish for, a trade of season’s, Summer for Winter – evidently, that’s how I see it. Pronto!

Over the weekend, the weather was nice, mild, cool, not as damp I was hoping it would be, but the mid-western portion of the United States didn’t escape the agony of every powerful severe storm that has plagued the region since Spring.

But for those on the Western portion of the country, Midwest and East Coast have all been experiencing some doozy heat factors of sorts, which brings on the thinking of “Christmas in July,” a forethought of mind in a writer’s mind to say.

You know you can’t escape it, unless you had the money and the magic can move you entirely south of the Equator in the southern hemisphere where the season’s are now in change, compared to change of seasons here in the northern latitudes of the world.

oldtypewriter-2.jpgThinking about Christmas five months ahead of time, when everyone wishes it was “Christmas in July, instead of December,” they say – is actually the ploy to write Christmas theme blogs and articles to be published some four to six months ahead of time to keep up with the ever deluge of Christmas reading and magical spirits of the holiday cheer.

Actually, its far better than one would think – It’s the productive moment to hype up one’s work into the holiday tradition with a well versed plan to cut down the much needed work that may he or she may penned during the most magical time of the year – Christmas.

I may already be thinking, angels coming to town, Santa flying his sleigh through the night, while spreading Christmas cheer to the millions and more before, the sign of the times becomes a mere reality that we will have to start the whole process all over again as the Spring and Summer months return north of the equator.

Has Sleepy Hollow once said, “you can sleep the gallows and hyphenate like the bears as they dwell into their caverns through the winter month, while your work has been cut out for you ahead of the paycheck before the candles and jingle bells hits the mating season it’s the caverns sleep.”

Which actually makes some perfect sense to say. Being ahead of the holiday game is the counter productive way to get things done a mere five or six months ahead of time and schedule. No matter what it will take being a writer it’s always the thing to do – it’s tradition in the freelance world of publishing and writing for writer’s to forge ahead of the holidays as when the winter months set in, the same hits home as one wishing it was the Summer mating season once again – think of it as the verse of the change of seasons, from the South to the North when it comes to changing season’s when Summer comes to the north, the Fall and Winter months head to the southern part of the equator.

But, the change of season’s in the world of writing, blogging and freelancing is always the same, no matter where int he world you are the tradition of writing is always the same, it has no effect on the change of seasons whatsoever, unless your one of those “Indiana Jones” types who dwell in the effects of world travels into ever-changing climates from north to south, its a true blessing at heart.

Well, at least Surf’s up, so, let’s hit some waves while we’re still at before the cold and damp winter settles into town a few months from now.

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