Where no man has gone before

The Universe

They say if it’s out there – “We’ll find it!”

Stephen Hawking’s recently pledged $100 million to search for Extraterrestrial life in one of the most extensive searches ever taken upon man to search for Alien life outside of our own planet within the Milky Way and beyond.

In what could be as long as decade in the search for E.T.. they say, alien life outside of our planet either exists or doesn’t, “but the truth is out there,” they say if you ask Agent’s Muddler and Scully.

In my own opinion and my own mind, I strongly believe there is life outside of our solar system and beyond in the far deep reaches of space – rather it’s the “Starship Enterprise,” The “Battlestar Galactica,” “Han Solo,” “Luke Skywalker,” and the entire rebel force looking for a new home from the deep reaches of space, the colonies and alien life is out there to say.

Cosmologist Dr. Stephen Hawkings

Alien life in my opinion is not about little ol’ green men with pointed antenna’s on their heads or the likes – it’s about life outside out own planet, our own world.  If they is life outside out own galaxy and in another civilization far from our own, we’ll find them one way or another or vise versa, they’ll find us.

But, I do believe their is life outside our own planet and somewhere in the heavens alone there’s a another world waiting to be found and a colony searching for a new home.

It’s just a matter of time before they’re discovered.


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