Content vs no content

OLD-TYPEWRITER_thumb.pngIt’s one of those days as writer and blogger where there seems to be an alternating debate between writing content and not writing any content at all, – yup, it’s throw back Thursday’s and with that said, it’s one of those “no content days,” as I sit in my office trying to write some much needed summer context for my blog.

As a writer, we all have one of those days – where the action of writing literally goes – blank.

Depending on what your planning to write, your still staring at a blank computer screen or a blank sheet paper still sitting idle in the roller of your vintage IBM Selectric or manual Honeywell typewriter – somewhere out there someone is still writing on a vintage workhorse rather than a desktop or laptop computer.

So, today, I sit here at my desk trying to drum up some much needed content to blog, write and more – without content, you could call it a case of writer’s block – “oh, dun you just love the agony when the epidemic of writer’s block hits the fan!”

It’s not really epidemic, but it happens to every writer, blogger and author who pens something for an audience to read and more – here’s a few ideas that you can try to get some mindworking brainadics in getting content.

1. Take some time away from your writing desk or office and do something meaningful that you’ve been wanting to do for some time, but have been putting that idea off for a great deal of time, pursue it and hopefully you’ll come back with an idea or two?

2. Search the Internet, YouTube or your favorite Social Media out for some much needed ideas that could net your fancy in writing some content.

3. Take the dog and the kids for a walk, but don’t forget to take a pen, pencil and paper or tablet with you to write down your ideas, while taking the dog and the kids for their walk down memory lane or the local park, etc.

4. Check your local rags, Newspaper or local magazines for some ideas that you can hone and work on toward creating content ideas of your own.

5. Keep thinking, it’ll come to you sooner or later, we’ve all had that brilliant idea hit us like a twit from a fast pitch at one time or another.

Simple as it can get – this should get your started enough when it comes to times you’re in a writing jam or two.

Until next time, happy writing and blogging.


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