What should I write? Sharks in a pool?

coffee2_thumb.jpgMy mind does all the wondering. My fingers do all the typing. My brain does all the thinking – and finally, my mouth stay’s shut with duct tape and I’m totally mute on whatever I say through my brainwaves as I sit and write simple content for this blog.

But, I’m still thinking about what I should write about each and everyday? – but, on some day’s, it’s a dull moment in the bathtub while trying to pry out some fresh ideas to ponder and to play with while in the mix of writing, scripting and getting entangled in everyday life.  Perhaps, I should’ve gone fishing? Shrugging my shoulders upward, I’m thinking why not? There’s not pond or lake nearby, so, why not stock a fully loaded thirty-five thousand gallon swimming pool with the opposite of “Sci-Fi Channel’s” version of “Sharknado!”

Even though, it’s a mild summer like day in the office where the weather is pleasantly nice and mild, but I’m hoping the weather goonies will hold off the pending Summer heat until next Summer and bring on an early fall – “nope, it’s not gonna happen has they say!” Oh well…!

But, is it really about Sharknado’s in the pool or is it really about trying to find something to write and blog about that hasn’t kept me at bay of scripting my next short film script or other writing projects? All in all, there is always something to write about, you just need to find before you start penning the project together and more.

Now with that said, “what this about sharks in the pool?”


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