The Daily Dish

OLD-TYPEWRITER_thumb.pngNo, this isn’t about food, the Food Network or even about food critics or reviews – no critics were hired to appear here on the blog to say.

It’s just the “Daily Dish” of blogging – the normalcy to say. This may be a new week, but the weather under the radar is going to be severe brutality with oven severe heat in the playing field of dreams!

“Yikes!” Not exactly what the doctor ordered to somewhat say – but, who can stop the pending mayhem of weather brutality? Mother Nature of course, but she never answers her phone! Yikes – she’s one busy Mommy!

I know we’re still in the month of July and I’m still thinking, “Christmas in July,” as well. But, it’s good to know that you can think, snow and jingle bells, some six months head of time. But, what does this have to do with my daily dish? Well, I can either vent about the weather getting crummy or I can rant all day about snow and Christmas in July – but, that would be an insane way to do a daily dish.

Dishing it is like cycling the Cascade Mountain bike trails inOakridge, Oregon or riding the Row River Trail in the heart of the Bohemia Mining District in the Willamette Valley’s, Bohemia

Row River Trail map

Mining District near the town of Dorena some eighteen miles southeast of downtown Cottage Grove – once a bustling railroad line between the town of Cottage Grove and Dorena and the Bohemia Mining District.

The 18 mile hiking, biking and multi-use trail under the “rails for trails” program, which uses old abandoned railroad lines a multi-use trails gives recreational folks another mean of leisure and pleasure to unwind after a hectic day at the office or their place of work.

Anne Rule, True Crime Novelist (Photo: KING 5)

So, My Monday Dish is all but random things of thought. Even with the news that True Crime Author Ann Rule, who wrote the novel, “Small Sacrifices,” about Diane Down’s and her children, whom she shot and killed one. Rule penned more than 30 true crime novels and more in her career as a writer, she was 83, her family said.

So, that brings me to a close for my Monday Daily Dish and my final thought’s about fellow writer and author Ann Rule. Ann made a big difference in the genre of true crime writing, she not only wrote 30 best selling novels, but she also wrote more than 1400 articles on criminal cases during her career, which began in 1969, with a brief stint as a police officer for the Seattle Police Department at the age od 21, Rule became the talk of the town and a household name among the fans of true crime.

And she was a frequent expert on the subject and more as many Law Enforcement Agencies often turned to her for experience and expertise, while she presented on the subject at numerous workshops across the country.

Not exactly a dent the genre, but a legacy that was told by one of the greatest true-crime writers in the world and in America. She’ll be missed.

And that’s a wrap on the Daily Dish.

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