Death of The Lion King

Zimbabewe’s most famous lion, Cecil was killed and poached by an American hunter for $50,000 paid to guides. Cecil’s death makes waves around the world.

Cecil the lion, Zimbabewe’s most famous lion, poached and killed by an American game hunter, who thought he was on a legal safari game hunt – but later, realized he had killed the country’s most famous lion, the “Lion King,” himself, named Cecil.

The death of Cecil has spread among the world like wildfire. The man responsible for Cecil’s death has gown underground and into hiding news reports have stated, since the story broke of Cecil’s death.

The question now – is why? Why did he do it? Why did the guides trespass and lure a famous lion from it’s family and pack? The answers and questions raise a lot of hair and a lot of skeptical eyebrows along the way.

Seeing Cecil roam with family and friends will be a tough one to swallow and the fate of his family along the way.

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