The bucket list

Literally, I thought it was – Wednesday. At least my mind wasn’t screwed up, while I sit in my the middle of nowhere, doing nothing. Simply nothing. Just waiting, relaxing and wondering how the hell I got here in the first place!

Simple as it can get on a Wednesday, now a Friday, writing the bucket list at odd times of the day, which seems logical and viable idea at the time, but there’s no uncanny griping just yet..

Why do I feel like I’m putting myself in the Scarecrow’s shoes and waving off the crows and birds trying steal my straw and more for their nest-building needs as the summer drags onward toward the fall months, which really isn’t that far off the radar screen by a mere few weeks out right field.

This may not be the land of “OZ,” but it certainly feels like it, as I sit atop the fence post fighting those preying birds and the likes, I’m wondering how the likely minds of science will ever come the idiocy shearing off my bucket list? But, the walk into the land of OZ is more complicated with the stern accomplishments to full fill before calling it a completed mission – folks, I’m likely, “The Lone Survivor” here in this ugly-looking field of dreams.

Not to mention, I’m literally flanked by the ghost of baseball’s past looking for an open baseball field in the middle of a corn maze to hone their skills in the trade of baseball.

“The bucket list” – as some call it the accomplishments of a lifetime before the nagging senses and insecurities step forward and send their minds into the world of middle age craziness! As I, dwell into the decade of my fifties, that bucket list is chastely getting longer and certainly not shorter to say, it’s certainly going to be an accomplishment to achieving the ultimate goal of making some headway into the good deeds into some fine mission accomplishments to say.

At least, I’m not yet in – “The Lone Survivor” mode just yet. But, it’s utterly starting to feel that way to say, it may not be a Wednesday ritual, but it’s certainly something to think about – at least, I still have a decade to make the accomplishment a finished product into an accomplishment.

And that’s the Bucket list, at least for now, as I continue to sit, rave and rant to the birds and the all the critters that have invaded my cornfield, the maze is just beginning or is it?

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