Blogging is like naked writing

Today’s blog seems like a strange turn of events – yes, I said, “a strange turn of events, well sort of.” I started looking at the computer screen, only to notice, it had been blank since six am in morning with nothing written on it until now.

“Writing Naked,” I thought was simply a cure for a spat of morning and early afternoon writer’s block and some folks may think, its sticker shock, when they hear someone is writing “naked or in the buff.”

Ultimately, there are quite a few writers who will do nothing but blog and write their daily blogs and articles in the buff. I remember in my early days of writing and blogging there used to be a blog somewhere in blogosphere, that catered to those who blogged in their Pj’s day and night, until their work was done. I don’t recall who did the blog or how it was started, but one blogger’s name stands out of the rest that I just can’t seem to remember to this day and age.

I can’t seem to figure the thought – if blogging and writing naked is any better than writing and blogging in one’s pj’s or clothes? It does shed the idea of not having to wear a dang piece of fabric for the fact, especially on a hot sizzling day when the mercury soars into the later and triple digits during the hot weather months your close stick to your body and more in sweat. I guess writing naked would make some solidified sense to say – even though, many writers work from their own home and home offices and writing in the buff doubles the excuse, well –  to write naked.

One writer told me during a freelance writing class many years ago, “that no matter how you write during while locked in seclusion in your home office or den, it’s how you write the content to be published, it doesn’t matter, if your writing in your tee-shirt, shorts, bra or panties, pj’s or in the buff, your material get’s written and published, polished, shot and shown on the big screen.

How they do it in Hollywood these days, is completely different from the casting couch with the producers, director or some other nitwit studio head – it all comes down to the content and how it get’s written in the writer’s room. Hey I’ve heard strange things about what happens in “The Writer’s Room,” but I ain’t about to guess the merits of between fact and fiction between earth and Tinseltown.

It’s a completely different playground when your writing blogs and freelancing other merits of work.  I guess, I’m lucky enough to write in my own office and in my own “writer’s room,” without the bulk of madness that happens in the wacky world of the a Hollywood, things could be different in New York or Chicago, But here in the Pacific Northwest – you might as well pick a tall Douglas Fir somewhere in the national forest overlooking the Willamette Valley strip naked and bust out the laptop and breakdown the six hours or so of battery like and write your heart out in the buff under the a shaded Douglas Fir!

Bon appetite, so write your heart out folks – now matter what or how you do it, as I said before, blogging is like naked writing.