North to Alaska

While watching the late John Wayne in the classic movie “North to Alsaka,” it reminded me of a friend who recently moved to Alaska from California – hence that John Wayne’s character “Sam McCord,” picks up a pretty lady and takes her back to Alaska via boat from Seattle – well, this one picks up a good Vlogger by the name of Cory Williams who just happens to see his daylights fall apart, picks up a great lady by the name of Kristen and well, moves to Alaska via a U-Hall truck full of stuff – rather than mustering it out via the high seas as Wayne’s character Sam persuaded the wayward lady north.

Williams and his Wife Kristen pack the U-Haul and make the drive from Los Angeles to Anchorage, Alaska with their dog Penny and their two cats where the journey takes more than a week to accomplish along the Interstate Five Corridor between L.A. and the US/Canadian Border.

“North to Alaska,” is a late John Wayne classic, that seems to play all the parts of a modern day move from Cory and Kristen’s move to the Yukon Territory of Alaska and the great North American frontier as their trials and triumphs are Vlogged in today’s technology carrying gadget world as we submerse ourselves with YouTube videos and favorites, while following Cory’s “YT” Channel “DudeLikeHella”.

The movie not only reminded me of their move, but also on how the way we travel nowadays has changed since the movie was made and the story was told – travel was either back in the time of century where getting to Alaska was either by wagon train, horseback or by boat versus the means today of travel we have readily available and can take in the realms of Planes, Trains, Automobiles and course by boat to say.

blogpix3.jpgI needed something to write about and something that would attach the idea of a writer’s hack to pen today’s blog, it just so happens this blog post was still sitting in my draft box gathering dust, since watching North to Alaska two or three weeks ago and just today, I finally finished it on a “Throw back Thursday!”

In my own opinion, North To Alaska is a cut rate awesome family film to watch with the whole family or with just yourself looking to enjoy a classic John Wayne movie with some buttered popcorn and a nice cold brew of tea, soda or water and the optimizing of a classic John Wayne movie.

All in all – comparing the two between John Wayne and Cory William’s and his Vlog’s along with his growing YouTube Channel, Cory and Kristen seem to make the modern day leading characters in the John Wayne classic written into a modern day fairy tale told in the eyes of the Vlogs that William’s produces for his YouTube channel followers on a daily basis – it doesn’t get any better than that, besides it’s North to Alaska and just how awesome is that!


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