Fictional Newsroom, reminds me of real thing!

Every since my college days writing on the school paper and being in a real newsroom has eluded me for ages.

Literally, I’m missing something of a reality check as I age older into another decade of life – the clickity clanks and noise of a working newsroom where things go haywire on a daily basis.

“Sigh, the mumbo jumbo of life,” has they say! – the news in this town isn’t like it used to be when you listen to the airwaves of a police scanner as the local police department’s have gone encrypted on their radio traffic.

Unless you’re a new agency with a waiver signed from the department for an unblocked portable radio to monitor their radio calls, your totally in the blind.

Unless you happen to live in a metropolitan area where the airwaves are free roam and open range, it’s chasing season for those whose chase the news on a 24/7 daily basis.

It’s hard to keep tabs on the local PD’s until you hear an emergency call to the same location over the metro fire channel’s, which sends a smoking gun of smoke signals into the air that something is going down, big – it’s gotta be news!

With friends working in the news business, it’s often fun at times to share the news with them as a stringer day and night – while burning the midnight oil – something will break the news at 5am at any given time, those ears may have me glued to my work either venturing out to the scene or stringing it live over my news feed account on Twitter from my desk as the scene unfolds, the story gets told.

It’s in my blood when the story breaks and the news comes alive and the chase is on!

As the Anchor would say, “Good evening we have Breaking News at 11pm” – it’s all in a day’s work.

Someday, I’ll step foot in that newsroom once again to hear and listen to the chaos of the newsies at work.

“Back you guys at the studio!”


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