Why cancel the show?

 If your a follower of HBO’s drama series, “The Newsroom” with Actor Jeff Daniels – it’s a shame the network killed a perfectly good series over morale issues with Creator/Executive Producer Aaron Sorkin – liken to be one of the best television writers of our growing times since, Showrunner, Writer, Producer Stephen J. Cannell passed away.

Sorkin likely created and produced one of the best complelling television news drama series since Canadian Television’s “ENG” (Electronic News Gathering) was produced in the early to mid 1990’s. I remember watching the show vividly from my parents home in the Pacific Northwest – it was the closet thing to the real newsroom’s and ENG.

This past weekend with nothing more than a 32oz Nalgene bottle of water, a cable television remote in hand and an entire day’s work doing public service work for my local amateur radio club, I settled for the remote switching between the Oregon Duck versus Washington state football game (Oregon won btw!) and channel surfing HBO’s premium network series list, ironically, I came upon on a new drama, which, I hadn’t yet, seen since it first premiered on HBO.

Watching “The Newsroom” with Jeff Daniels in the leading role as fictional Atlantic Cable News Network (ACN) Anchor and Managing Editor Will McAvoy reminds me of a few of local news media reporters that once reported and anchored in this town, has Daniel’s character during the show.

For some unknown reason, the remote hijacked my commercially insane Saturday night ritual in settling down with college football and a steady stream of new and old reruns of Fox’s “COPS” – all while the interest of watching “The Newsroom,” and keeping tabs on the game.

As a television viewer, the last episode of the series in Season 3, left me with a void and skeptical claim, that Will McAvoy and gang will be back on the air sometime in the near future? Hopefully – even though, Sorkin has vowed that he will never write television again after having three failed television series under his resume, Perhaps HBO could reconsider its stance with Sorkin and level it out nicely with Sorkin on terms of bring back the show to HBO. There is an old saying in television, that was once brought up in the Kevin Costner film, “The Field Of Dreams,” – “if you build it, they will come.” It sort of rings true to my loyalty as a new checkered fan who’s been rabid bitten by the excellence of the writing of the show and the concept behind the magic of Aaron Sorkin and team.

The Newsroom brilliantly written and produced by Sorkin and company – the show still has a spark somewhere in the coffin of death, it’s resurrection rests in the hands of HBO and it’s creative mind and cra- Aarron Sorkin.


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