If The Shoe Fits!

Over the weekend, I was in the market for some new shoe’s. However, one foot was able to fit into it’s own shoe, the other was so fluid clogged it was a bitch mustering to make it fit as peanut butter and jelly with specs of grand olives and minced chives – it work with the added additions.

Just before, I went to bed the night before, I said to myself “pray to the fluid gods and ask for the swelling to lower down a bit, so I can fit my foot in the the stupid shoe.” I did just that.

At the break of daylight, the first thing, I did when I woke up was check the swelling in my foot and try fitting my foot into the shoe – “the magic,” of the prayer the night before worked,  it’s little wonders as I was not looking forward to taking then back to the place where I bought them and throwing the white towel into the ring to the grieving opponent of regret.

Grief and agony wasn’t my first choice – I wanted to win the jealousy battle of wanting to wear some new footwear and and enjoy the lasting smooth sails of of walking causally in new shoes and not having to worry about getting my feet wet, while water sipped through the cracks of my old pair of shoes.

Of course, it’s a winter need to keep my feet dry and my socks warm while out and about. But I’ve worn them for most of the day, so they can stretch and get the feel of  working my foot souls into a product that was looking for some much needed work in and out and at home.

Now, that my feet are bone dry and happy with their new home, let’s hope it’ll my life is a little bit easier on the causal walk during the highlights of my daily life.

Ciao and with a spice of Chow – my feet are happy and warm as a brittle campfire pit! Ciao!

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