Medieval Times or a Jedi Knight?

I am sensing, I will never see my Castle, my servants, the Juggler that goes crazier than those in medieval times, who once ruled to conquest great empires with massive armies. There was only one ruler that ruled them all – the precious King, not necessarily the Lion King you idiot, the other one….!

Seriously? Was, that all that had to be said?

In today’s modern times, where Knights no longer rule the empires, the juggler’s don’t dance, the Castles are left in ruins as centuries pass and the vanishing point of Medieval times has disappeared into the realms of time.

Behold my friends – my Jedi Knighthood and its shiny armor is fading toward an unknown force. A force far greater than man ever experienced, a force stronger than that of the rebel empire and it’s rebel armies, who were born to defeat Vader’s surviving Death Star.

So sensible, there’s a Jedi Knight waiting for his light saber to return from the realms of Galactic senses of the force. The force only lives within his world, a world far greater than those that live on earth today and no earthbound human has ever experienced in the history of the Galaxy.

In today’s modern day times, the opposition of the Jedi force – the two medieval’s of warfare have never been tested or has it ever been logistically tallied into the King’s journals as two workable forces of universal powers from the galactic forces of the universe.

My sword still awaits me in the medieval times, but as modernly has I can get, churning the powers of the force will take some work to make it back to the empire, where Jedi’s rule and conquer Darth Vader’s stormtroopers and his evil empire.

For those who dwell and wonder? It’s quite possible, I could be a Jedi Knight without knowing it and medieval knight without sensing of past from the galactic powers from Jedi universe.

My debate is that newest chapter in the Star War Trilogy begins next month – with tickets being sold online ahead of the it’s opening, we wonder if it will break any previous box office records the franchise holds through the years we’ve watch the Jedi Knights and the Rebels rage war against the dark empire of the galaxy.

For thy time being, the powers of the Jedi knight is revealing the universe has spoken.


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