Where’s the magic?

Xmas tree
What makes Christmas?

When you dread the looks of Christmas – where do you look to find the magical time of the year?

It’s been fifity years since the magical spark of Christmas had gotten me into the fray of the holiday spirits. Every since the death of my late Uncle, Grandfather, Aunt, than finally my Grandmother – the spark of Christmas has been elusive every since.

I’m trying to think of a way to surprise my folks for Christmas? I have a few ideas in mind, but the idea would likely cause me some inglourious bribes, not the bastard style tactics in the movie that Brad Pitt deployed for his character performance in the movie of the same name, “Inglorious Bastards” – but more less serious snippets along the way – No, I’m not going to join the Mafia, folks, I’m not that grizzly crazy to begin with or planning on “scalping” each warrior nerd that deserves a sworn scalp!

I need something that will enable them to reach for the television remote and get “glued” to the edge of their seats! Hmm, scratching my head and brickloading with ideas at hand and to eleborate the idea to execution, it’ll need some serious participation, even though, a long shot in the arse of refusal…. Quite frankly my dear, a long shot is just about everything with people the word “no!”.

Has a friend once said, “if you don’t ask, you’ll never know the frickin’ answer to your stupid question – get out there and ask, asshole! What more have you got to lose, he said?”

Literally that was what I was afraid of – to ask or not to ask is the most questionable of all. A dense fact between fact and fiction, “miricale on 34th street or the return to Bedford Falls where George Baily started it all, Christmas would just be another word to say.

In a way betweeen the Christmas dance and song numbers with the late actor of song and dance, Gene Kelly and the cricket of crickets of Jimmy Cricket – I’m still thinking of how to the con the con job in a good way without having to worry about breaking the bank and losing a leg in the process.

Perhaps, I’m still looking for the magic of Christmas. Sigh!

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