What blog or write about?

blog_pix3.jpgI’m trying to think what about what the hell I’m going to write or blog about for the next week – I’ve been sitting, pacing, catching up with NFL Football, running up and down the stairs between the kitchen and my office all day, trying to figure out what the plan of attack is for next week to write or blog about on my blog.

So far I’ve only stumbled upon a few road blocks with nothing as concrete and solid to write and blog about for the next coming week – but the creative process is still in the works – even though, I still have some past writing projects sitting on the sidelines gathering dust.

Some of those projects have been in the works for years and some have never been published or just pushed aside as I worked on other projects that were more publishable than those set aside gathering dust mites after all these years – likely, some of those will be revisited and giving a new breath and fresh edits, either bust, go or you’ve got to be kidding me, that trash can is full – something will become of them once I check them out.

Even though it might be a good time to take a look at them as much of the work week next week calls for rain in the Pacific Northwest – fun!



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