Needle in a haystack?

coffee2_thumb.jpgThe needles in a hay stack? The ultimate lines of a blogger – exactly, what the hell does that mean – ultimately?

Probably somewhere between the lines of who knows what, where or how or somewhere in between the lines of the Greek isles and the French Rivera – there’s an ultimate blog that needs to be written, not settled, “sigh!,” as I hustled through the dense fog looking for an excuse – that would entitle me to some outrages catnip attack from an unknown foreseen force to write the ultimate blog of the day, week, month, year or century.

I’ve yet to find that stupid needle! It’s in there somewhere, but there’s one problem, there may be some Winter blues outside with the wicked weather, but I’ve been trying to hack and pen this stupid blog for the past three to four days, only to be looking for that stupid needle in the haystack ever since and I’ve yet to find the little son of a bitch anywhere – that’s what I get forecasting so much on the weeks agenda of what to blog and when to pen, yes, I know they both mean the same thing so, hush the tamales and hold the olives before you start griping!

Now, that I’ve found the lousy needle in the hay stack, it’s time to get back to my regular scheduled programming – writing, blogging and researching an idea and topic to pen, write, blog for the next blog posting on the blog…..

“…., sigh!”


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