2016 is like a train wreck

2016 started out cold and winter mix. This is the first real winter weather we’ve had in such a long time in the Willamette Valley, even though I’ve not blogged since my internet fiasco at home which has caused me from working in the home office, even though, there was a way around the unexpected loophole – bluetooth and my cellphone! It’s so pronto, how an improvise idea can make some interesting matters creative, than being the worrisome idiot of all time!

I couldn’t be happier with that, that with getting smack point-blank in the face by Oregon State’s Benny the Beaver! At least it wasn’t the Stanford Trojan horseman throwing me spear to the heart during a failed Oregon Stanford versus Duck game.

“Cha Ching!” The ring of the bell makes a whole lot of difference to being with at least it makes some sense when you life in the soggy Oregon territory, than in the cold winter barracks of the Rocky Mountains of Montana! Hey, what can I say, I childhood best friend and his wife are spending their Christmas vacation days in the beauty of snow-capped peaks and what more can I say, when he sends a photo over his Facebook page of him and his wife with hanging taller than Mount Everest to say!

The guy’s a complete “twin peaking” high towering mountain to say – I’m sure Naomi would agree with me, but what’s even better she’s got the most handsome Oregon Duck in the Nation, that doesn’t even come close to a Pacific Northwest Sasquatch – hell, that would make Animal Planet’s finding Bigfoot cast in some unstable “squatchland,” who’s been transplanted to sailing South Pacific atoll of the Hawaiian Islands.

Bigfooting in Hawaii would be monkier than trying to find the missing code work to the mysterious fabled “Atlantis!” – at leastthis isn’t my train wreck yet! That’s a wrap.


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