Preparedness Idea: Go Zero Flip 10

goalzero-flip10_1Your miles from nowhere, your cellphone battery has enough juice to survive the ordeal, but your worried as hell, that you might lose some of that much needed lifesaving power, that could be needed in an emergency or disaster situation.

You naturally decide to converse your battery power by shutting your phone down until your ready to use it the next time around – but, in some cases, its not really the case to begin with, i.e., you decide to leave the phone on for emergency purposes, which makes it a logical idea to begin with in the first place.

Last weekend, my youngest Cousin and I went to a local Boat and Sportsman Show here in Eugene. While there we came upon a vendor that was selling some Go Zero Emergency power products at their booth – I had seen them advertised before but never had seen them up front and personal, except for on the web and their website.

Goal Zero is an innovative technology that sells an array of portable power supply equipment for those on the go and for emeregency preparedness purposes, such a solar panels and rechargeable battery packs the technology makes it a neeeded benefit in any go pack, bag or disaster preparedness kit.

flip10_azu2Over the years, while getting involved with my Community Emergency Response Team, I have heard and seen their products in action, I’ve been tempted to get my stinky hands on their product line for quite some time – last weekend – it became a reality and I fetched my first Go Zero Product to add to my Everyday Carry or EDC bag or go kit.

I picked up one of their Goal Zero Flip 10 phone chargers for $15.75 at the show price, they normally sell for $25 at regular retail price, depeding on were you buy your unit at the time of purchase.

The Flip 10 is the perfect solution to ones cellphone worrries, when it comes to having a battery back-up source whil on the go.

The Flip 10 comes “Pre-Charged” right out of the box and is ready to provide battery bacup power to your phone’s battery, using the Flip 10’s 2600 mAh built in battery is enough juice to charge one’s cellphone in about three hours, acoording to the specs I have read on it’s packaging and its small user manual provided with the supplied unit.

I briefly tested the unit when I got home to see if the GoZero was true their product and innovational development ideas for those the go and in need of a battery source, as the charging icon on my phone showed that it was charging from the Flip 10 using the Micro USB cable that came supplied shown in the picture below.

goal-zero-flip-10-portable-phone-chargerIts size mkes it small enough to fit into a pants or jacket pocket without the heavy bulky weight that some ight experience with heavier objects in their pockets.

The Flip 10 does not have a built-in solar panel array as some of their higher end products shown on their website.

The Flip 10 does come with its own USB to Micro USB adaptor cord, the larger  USB portion connects to the Flip 10 and the Micro USB, which connects to my cellphone in a snap – simple and easy operation makes it the primary battery back-up for your cellphone’s primary juice on the go in any given emergency or disaster sit

It makes it, an attractive addition when you use GoZeros Solar Panel chargers as well.

The really good thing about these little gadgets, they’re relatively inexpensive and make it a good beginner starter product for your cellphone as you gradually upgrade to highter end GoZero products later on down the line.

While at the Boat and Sportsman show, I was able to get my Flip 10 Charger for about $15-$16 at the show, while they normally sell for about $24.95 at some stores such as Amazon, REI and other sporting goods and outdoor stores – however, the price could go a little to say, normally about the $30 range or so.

For the price, the GoZero’s Flip 10 Charger weighs almost next to nothing in your backpack, go bag or disaster response kit.


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