Breaking one’s own rule

blog pix5  Sunday night’s aren’t really writing or blogging nights in my household. It’s usually the kenneled night, where everything in its path is consumed until morning sunrise on Monday’s. But, there’s a little cheat here and there – this is one of them.

“Yes, I broke my own rule.”

Perhaps, it’s one of those rare saturated things, that doesn’t feel quite right to begin with. It feels, as if it was one of those nights, where a classic 1950’s comedy television show with the late Jackie Gleason amazes the audience the during the entire show before a live studio audience and becomes an instant hit with fans and those alike at home watching him on television.

The same goes has if it were, the same for Gilligan’s Island and the lost castaway’s, who’ve been lost at sea for ages, only to return to their native home island in Hawaii after being “rescued” at sea, many years later – only to return to the very same “castaway island” after another freak storm, that once again settled the castaways to the very same island when they first became castaways.

Speaking of Gilligan’s Island  – that eerie feeling is starting to somewhat feel like my Sunday night ritual into the fire pit. Now, that it’s Tuesday and Monday was surpassed it’s midnight mass of not even touching or being nearing a computer for that matter – the cardinal rule of blogging and writing was settled out of material witnessing of an encompassed storm of brainstorming for solid fresh ideas to compress into this blog.

It indeed seems to have worked with a wiseman’s early morning calling in a mid May morning calling, where the weather seems to be a little gloomy with clouds and possible showers or rain in the forecast – the percentage rate isn’t something of a grand slam from Phil Knight Park in Eugene to Yankee Stadium in New York City.

Perhaps, there was something better for the Chicago Cubs, than, it was for the Kansas City Royals to call and win the World Series? The Cub’s curse still lingers among “The Babe’s” legendary call, “they’d never win a world series to any fathom day in the history of baseball.” But, its still too early in the baseball season if the Cubs and the Royal’s could reach the playoffs and the World Series later this fall.

Too settle to it all, I broke the rules a bit, in order a nit pick with the words and to hack out the first blog post of the week – decent and no human bodies were ever in danger made it all worthwhile to do a sleuthing treasure hunt of sorts.

And we come to a close – I can now say, “that’s a wrap!”.

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