It makes you smile

coffee2Not very often to you get one of those smiling face looks from the unexpected – one that makes you beaming the bat signal high above the clouds and more on a cloudy night calling for the caped crusader.

Over the Summer, I had just one of those unexpected smiles, that made my smiling face beam big and wide, as the sun shown along the western horizon, all while I was shopping with my Cousin at a local home improvement store.

This was something that came from a member of the opposite sex – yes, Virginia, it came from a Women. Very rarely do you ever get one of those honest compliments from a member of the opposite sex, unless the person happens to be your Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt or Girlfriend, who would admire the scent of a gentleman.

Think of it as an example of the movie, “The Scent Of A Women,” where Actor  Al Pacino, smells, the scent of women of the same has his character a blind man with incredible sensibilities and touch as a blind man.

For some unbeknownst reason, this women, who was a cashier at as check out stand made the complimentary gesture, that a man of my age, “smelled good.”

In a very rare occasion, do I ever get such a polite complimentary and honest like and statement of someone from the opposite sex, who’s a complete stranger and makes for s merrier day.

I had countered with a gesture of a bit of “fun” sarcasm, that she had to “go out with me now!,” her counter to that was that she was already married – “damn it,” I said aloud while paying for my things from the store, I thought it was heavenly enough it would make the day a brighter day in my own mind, which made both of us smile at the same time.

Beaming enough, it felt heavenly from heaven that the from arches above in a far away distant place in the universe – a message couldn’t be far off the wall or was this the message they were trying to convey for the day?

It’s just one of those things that makes me smile at a rare time in my life – especially, when your in your early fifties to say, it’s simple boondocks and yanking tails. In closing, I would say, “it’s the perfecto sense of the human kind.

Now, that’s what makes me smile wide and big – i.e., it made my day even better than it had originally started out with and ended with this…. Awesome!

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