1978 to 1981: The wonder–teenage years

freelanceblogwriterIt was the Fall of 1978, where a new chapter and the final countdown to the final six years of public schooling toward my high school graduation took place in 1984, had just begun.

It was a new beginning of – “The Wonder Years.”

For me, it was an entirely different story, when it all began in the Fall of 1978 at Roosevelt Junior High. It became the unbelievable years of my scholastic career, as many of the friends, I had grown up with during the course of my childhood, were schooling at different schools elsewhere within the neighborhood, where my folks had bought a house before starting the fourth grade, in the mid 1970’s, while I went to Roosevelt in another part of the school district.

Walking into Roosevelt was like walking into unchartered territory during the passage of the Oregon Trail in the 1800’s to the new Frontier. It was a whole new daily routine from sitting in a just one classroom to sitting in multiple classrooms throughout the school day – it was literally, a whole new world, but exciting – but a scary trend.

The only friends, I had at Roosevelt, were the several deaf and hard of hearing kids I had met earlier in life after losing my hearing at a young age. It was close enough to say as far as friendships went, but it worked wonders in the long run.

I really wanted to be in a school with the friends, I had grown up with over the years, but, that would have to wait until, I got into high school in the Fall of 1981, many of them us had been reunited, after the many years I shuttled around the school district to attend school – in fact, we all graduated together in 1984, which was happy ending back than.

Today, it’s all a memory that lives vividly in my brain as it dwells on the memories of the past – a feeling that seems to put a smile on my face, whenever the chills down my spine recall those days of my – “Wonder Years!”. It’s only a chilling affect, but worth the friendships, I made back than.

I often wonder where many of them have gone over the years and how their adult lives have transformed, since my Roosevelt days? Life’s transitions has likely lead many to different avenues in life, but for other’s – some decided to duck that radar and leave their friends for better lives or quieter times as adults with no remorse of ever returning to their childhood stables, once they left the childhood nest for their future lives, after their graduations from high school.

As they say – “those were they day’s of our lives, as the world turns and life should go on.”


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