Strange life& World

There is something about the world and life we life in today, I sit at my sorta, well, one one of my pet peeve cafe’s around town with free WiFi access to the internet and simple easy food to chow down on -But, there is something that has been intriguing me every since last week, when, I got the news that the house, that I have been living in for more than thirty-years since my Junior year in high school, went into Foreclosure and sold under the feet of both my Mother and myself.

A new era had begun, like it has been the start of World War III. But, that wasn’t the case – it was something very different – a scary tactic world to say.

Now with that in store, I have to do something! Something, that I’ve not done in so LONG – MOVE and find a NEW LIFE to live! It’s not that “The World Turns,” and draws life into the strange processes of life, which we shall call – “the ghetto!”

All in all, I may be old and still young at heart into my early 50’s, but the entire scenario and process is actually scaring the reality shit outta me, at least to say – because, this is something, no one should be going through and more.

To be honest and to tell you the truth folks, the reality we live in today, isn’t the reality we see on television and more, where crime drama’s get their cases solved each week by the show’s gumshoes and more – Even Richard Castle and Kate Beckett did the same thing week after week for eleven seasons at the 12th Precinct of the NYPD.

I’m trying to make good at the entire process and more, but for the reality and living daylights of me, the channeling doesn’t seem to be going as I expected from the start as there is either some good or there’s some bad out of it all? I keep telling myself, “take your pick and gamble the bets, Vegas style, baby!”, but it doesn’t always work that way, as it would with the late Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday marching on the case like prized winners in a recent tournament poker game.

I feel like, I’m setting myself up for another nerve wrecking ball challenge of a lifetime? How it will end and will there be any good out of it all? Only time will tell if the line of life will will lead the way to taking the Yellow brick road toward the “Wizard of Oz” or trailing it high and mighty somewhere in Kansas, the Scarecrow and Toto will have to settle for something better than Kansas and the wicked witches wrath of destruction, it’s all still a friggin legal ball game that is likely to see how the Cleveland Indian’s deal the end zone with the Chicago Cub’s in the World Series!

It’s only a matter of time, has I sit out in left field waiting for the smirking fly ball from home plate to hit home for a grand slam win!


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