The Saga Continues – at least for now

blog_pix3.jpgI feel like, I’m living in a mystery or suspense novel where the story rings true with its main characters and more. But, there’s something missing from the plot – drama – something, that you would see in a weekly episodic police procedural series like, “Hills Street Blues”, “Cagney and Lacey” or even in ABC’s “Castle”.

But, my main characters are the evil world of “Walking “Dead Zombies,” that bought the my Mom’s house in the recent Foreclosure Sale, last week – I’m deadly stuck in the middle of it all, literally playing the “Russian roulette game,” while trying to find a new life and some new digs to call home. I never knew the process would be this hard or least to say.

My life feels like a “broken record,” where the recording artist just don’t know what the lyrics sound like from the heart – “Dynasty!”.

I’m still processing my options in life of what to do next and where to go, but the ruling King of Camelot would only know for how long and how far out into the new world, a fresh start would become a reality.

However, I’m trying not to worry! But, in the long run, I’m still worried for my dear life and all (it could kill me), until the process stabilizes and more. I know, I’ll continue to write and blog and still do my community service work with the City with the Community Emergency Response Team, as the story drags on from chapter to chapter and makes the story more gumshoe in detective work and all.

I was talking to a friend of mine recently, who said, they had seen folks in similar situations and have moved on and started new lives and more, but for others, the outcome wasn’t too bright for them, it was either the highway or change your life for the better & take it to the fast lane of living the streets and disappearing for life into the void – this isn’t my cup of tea or the Indian shadow dance I had signed up for.

What can I say? It’s stranger than fiction and life on a planet, that still shrouds with many mysteries as life goes on throughout the galaxy.

Last night, I took a stroll in my living room looking at the thirty-years of things were left behind from my late grandparent and the pictures of that sat lonely on the shelf of the fireplace – two of those made me cry the river of sorrow, wishing those family members were still around today to help with a mess that has gone beyond basics of one’s own culture shock and more.

16-vresize-200-200-medium-0I know one thing for sure, I’m still betting on the Cleveland Indian’s as they play the Chicago Cub in this years World Series – at least, they should have Charlie Sheen’s character from the movie, “Major League”, “Wild Thing” through out the first pitch for the Indian’s at any World Series Game as long as the Cub’s and Indian’s are still fighting it out on the baseball diamond’s of Cleveland and Chicago!


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