A Message From Heaven?

DeskI causally sit in my usual spot at the Novella Cafe each day, when I come into the Downtown Library to work and write, but today, I’m sitting on the brinks of cold drafts as the cold sips through the cracks, where there’s no heat – in fact it’s warmer upstairs on the second and third floors inside the main library – Warmth, hooha!

Yesterday, I thought was going to be a quiet day alone, watching Professional Football on the national television networks, than, jumping to the Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie channels for their season long of Christmas and Holiday movies.

Instead, the ultimate warriors come by and left the devilish threat of an Eviction lawsuit for my Mom’s Condo, which recently was foreclosed on last week – how long I have left to live in the place I’ve called home for more than thirty years, I don’t know and time will tell.

At least I got a head start on getting some new housing lined up with a local network that provides housing for those in need – hopefully, I’ll get lucky between now and Christmas? Shall we say, “let the prayer warriors get to work now in hoping for the best of them all in an easy transition, one’s old life to a new life.

I’m not looking forward to a fight, but, if that is what I have to do, than, that’s what the beast has to do – essentially, “where’s Godzilla, when you need that damn Japanese lizard the most – in Japan, figures pretty much!”, as I would say aloud to myself, while pacing the room from one end to the other, hoping to make a wagon trail in the ruts of the carpet, much like what Billy Crystal did in the movie, “Throw Mama From The Train,” when he ended up with case of writer’s block while working on his characters book.

I’ve been thinking? Maybe this is all a message from the top? A higher power for me to change the ways of life and start anew and fresh, altogether? Just a thought, but or some reason, that seems to be the most logical guess of my own inner sensitive strengths and more & the feelings for life?

It hasn’t been properly researched, but “it’s a logical thought,” as Spock would say to Captain James T. Kirk of the “Starship Enterprise.”

The question is, “why now?” Only the heavens know the answer from afar, but if that’s the case? “Than, it better be a pretty damn good one at least to say?” it’s probably safe to say, “it’s fair game, between, Earth and Heaven?”

At least, I hope it’s not a Halloween trick, but at least a treat to receive from a far a place as Heaven?


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