Is Fate near?

blog_pix3.jpgIt’s a late Friday afternoon in Eugene, I’m not only out and  about, but certainly not at Library downtown, as usual, where, I’ll write most of my blogs these days, due to the lack of internet access at home – you can thank Comcast for their ugly bug of service in that department, at least for now.

I found a a nice little gem of a place to write and enjoy the chaos of life not far from the Library, but right directly across the street from the digs of Eugene Fire Station One, at a little pizza place with outdoor covered seating and a little gaming place right next door or across the hall from the pizza place.

At least now, I can watch the Station Crews from Eugene Station One, hit the streets with their lights and siren leaving the station on Emergency Runs across town whenever the bell rings – “Ahh, the old day’s of watching EMERGENCY!”

In the past few days, since my last blog post, the game plan on the foreclosure and housing saga, since it all began two weeks ago with the sale of my late Grandfather’s Condo, which I moved into a year before, I graduated from high school – only to find out later in life, after my Grandfather passed away, my name wasn’t on it, but that of my Aunt and Mother.

Surprisingly, it got Foreclosed on more than ten days ago – as I mentioned above, the game plan has changed and now the battle heads to Court. I’m going to try to stay as long as I can until, I can find some suitable housing, that would suit my needs and having another home office to write, blog and work with as an everyday writer and blogger.

I’m still scared to death and what could and what might possibly happen in the long run? They either give me a reprieve and give me some leaway, until I find suitable housing or click it and scud missle me to the streets and as a “writer without a roof!”, i.e., join the ranks of being homeless without a roof over one’s head.

Everyday, I’m feeling the anger, the disappointment, the constant embarrassment of telling friends and family, that I may not have a roof over my head sooner or later, despite the fact the Holiday’s are coming and just around the corner – Thanksgiving and Christmas. For some us, we all view them most magical time of the year.

I’m starting to think, the magic ain’t there – but, people always tell me, “if want to see the magic happen, have some strong faith and make the most powerful wish you can afford and pray that it comes true. I kinda feel, I’ve probably lost my spark with the far and the beyond. Perhaps life itself is a Scrooge of its own? Maybe not.

I haven’t wished for the magic of Christmas or spirit of the holidays for many years, since, I was a child. Sometimes, I wish – “I would just wake up as if nothing happened and it was all a bad dream gone bad,” but in reality, it’s life.

…, to be continued.


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