A Little Writer’s Gem

You know it’s hard to find one of those little gems of a place where you can enjoy the agony of the day to blog and write. I found just the place, last week and I made the return to today to try out their Chicago or New York Style Pizza, which turns out to be good to say, compared to some of the others that I have tried over the years.

The place houses three different businesses under one roof, aLTaglio’s Pizza, Press Start Brewery and a small video arcade gaming center that serves the heard of Downtown Eugene at 13th and Willamette Street’s, across from Eugene Springfield Fire Station One.

The best part of it is that you get to watch the fire crews from Station One come and leave the station while responding to Emergencies with their light’s and Siren’s on as they leave the station at any given time of the day of the day during the station’s 24 hour shift’s everyday and night.

Kinda reminds me of watching the late 1970’s Drama Series “Emergency!”, based on the Los Angeles County Fire Department Paramedics of the fictional LACOFD Station 51 in Carson, Ca., which in reality is known as Station 127 and is a real LACOFD working fire station.

What I really like about this place, it’s centrally located in the heart of Downtown Eugene and that’s all that matters to my genes as a writer – at least I’m not one of those castaways lost from a three hour tour off the Hawaiian Islands with Gilligan, the Skipper and all….!


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