The 30 year legacy ends

The legacy faded into the twilight. Life became the chester of all perfect storms ever told, the grand finale was the last battle and the last straw that drew upon thirty years of legacy. A legacy well left behind, will likely be the greatest story in the eyes of the young grandchild who may endure their own family’s hardships before their own lifetime’s.

Story is like a treasure trove of amazing achievements and disowned advantages of life as a family member experienced their share of hardships and agony throughout life and beyond.

My thirty year legacy in my Castle has come to an end with a bittersweet note, that leaves a few shredded tears that would fill the Grand Canyon with more water than you’d ever know – far more than, what you saw in the disaster flick with John Cusack in, 2012.

A new chapter will be written after the holidays, when it comes to some new scenery, climate and doable changes in life on the open road, has it takes me through some of the greatest adventures of the American Railroad across the American Heartland to a new life, somewhere in America.

I’ve traveled to many parts of the country in America, but have never lived the life as an “Easterner,” who has never transplanted life from the Western frontier to the life of an “Englander or Englishman,” living in or around the birthplace of 1776 America – but, it’s only the 21st Century, compared to the timing and the way life was back in 1776.

As, I wait until the new chapter gets written in just a few short tad weeks from now, life on the West Coast will have forgotten on how the story ultimately began to start with and a new one would be born has it grows into from wagon ruts of the Oregon and Applegate Trails to the cadence of America’s birthplace in the heart of America’s most storied and treasured icons of the American Colonies of New England and the Ohioan Valley’s in the Great Lakes.

2017, can’t come any sooner than that, but the speed and timing of the New Year has my engine parked on idle and waiting for the newest journey of life to start its adventure of the greatest story ever told.


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