New life, brings new challenges!

elkgosh1st-snowdec-2016  Traveling across America for three-day aboard one of the most impromptu traveling tools in America via train on Amtrak, gave me a broader and wider experience of traveling by long distance aboard a train from Eugene, Oregon to the Great Lakes Region along the boarders of Lake Michigan and the State of Indiana.

Something you’d never expected when you travel such distances from a place you’ve called home for more than forty years, but leaving your own next after thirty years of living on your own for a new life Three-thousand miles away from home, brings on many new unexpected challenges and more.

For instance, My Mother already seems to be getting lonely, because her one and only Son has the family nest after so many years of being close at will and more.

15492246_10211592726396349_92686514481834614_nIt brings on the scary advantage on both sides of the Union – neither of us are around to see one another. My mother still needs to learn the ropes of the current power of technology and how to get around it to communicate with me on a daily basis. Even though she’s getting pretty good a texting back and forth with me on the East Coast and her on the West Coast.

There are the crazy times, when the montage of craziness kicks in and drives one or the other into a bit of homesick frenzy. I love my mother dearly, but, I also worry, that she sometime’s doesn’t understand, I’m on my own, away from home for the very first time in my fifty-year of life – yes, I know, I would’ve left “Dodge” after graduating from high school and dwelling into the college life and the after college life, after college – but, college waited monsoons’ later in life.

opening-sequence-gilligans-island-29845127-834-621It’s something that brings on a new challenge for the both of us and more – time and challenges. Mom home in Oregon without her beloved Son, Me, tons of miles away from home in the Great Lakes without his Mother, but us both were practically in the same boat to say! It’s certainly, it’s not the same “three-hour tour,” that was taken by the Skipper, Gilligan, the Howell’s, the Professor, Ginger and Mary-Ann of “Gilligan’s Island.”

Totally a new ball game in all. Challenges are likely to go south from time to time, but the problem(s) can be solved as they go as other challenges and problems crop up later on down the road. It’s not like I feel like living on a deserted planet or living along on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean waiting to be rescued after being a castaway for many years.

chicago-cubs-logo-featurePerhaps, being a castaway is like learning how to swing a bat, as new Chicago Cub’s standout, waiting to hit his first ever grand slam out of Wrigley Field, in his first major league debut, as a career grand slam master. Hey, I’m a die-hard Oakland A’s fan so, don’t go frittin me about the Cub’s or I’d be calling the dead spirit of Ty Cobb to help me with some trouble makers chilling my chain over the A’s!

Well at least that sum’s it up – More life challenges to come, more journey’s to explore and stories to tell, this could get interesting than what was told in Neil Simon’s “Chapter Two” with James Caan and Marsha Mason of the same name as Simon’s Broadway play and the his motion picture of the same name.

Life is only the encore, telling the story of a lifetime is winning the Oscar at the red carpet!


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