First Christmas away from home


For the first time in my fifty-one year’s of life, I’ve not had the joy of being home for Christmas with the members of my family in Oregon, as I now live a new life in the Midwest – it’s the modern age of Christmas goosebumps.

At least, the Grinch didn’t steal any presents under the tree with my name on them or did the cadre of dogs my parents own, let them shred the perfectly wrappred gifts into chaos of shredded tators after long hours of prefectionist wrapping by my beloving Mother.

loghomeatnightWhat really surprises me to this very day – I’m seeing my very first White Christmas! Something, I don’t see very often in the heart of the Willamette Valley of Oregon, where I’m originally from.

White Christmas’s in Oregon are likely to be seen in Eastern Oregon on the Eastern flanks of the Oregon Cascade Ranges or down in Southern Oregon near the Oregon-California Border has you get toward Medford and Ashland, Oregon, along the Interstate Five Corridor going south toward California.

With my first Christmas away from home, I’m likely to survive the onslaught of surviving my first ever White Christmas, but missing those I love the most back in Oregon is the bummer of it all, as I know, we’ll all manage to make the most of it this holiday season. I’m hoping Santa was good to them all, while I’m still hacking it out in the new digs and life.

Merry Christmas everyone, family, friends and readers.

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