PEOTUS – A media nutcase

maxresdefault  If you’ve watched Donald Trump’s first Press Conference the other day, his first since winning the election for the Presidency, you’ve probably already heard the news that he picked a wicked fight with a reporter from CNN and calling them, “Fake News and your organization is terrible”, while dodging an important question from a news credited organization.

The President-Elect’s actions and disrepect for America’s working media is likely to beocome the firestorm of his preseidency with American reporters on who’s “real” news and who’s “fake” news. There is also sensible disregard that even his own Press Secretary is in the facade as well – now, this could direly get interesting and if Trump last’s four years in the White House has POTUS and makes a media circus out America’s Media organizations and their reporters it could be an intersting fight. Now, that’s scary when it comes to their total disregard for the urgency aand respect of American reporters tryig to do their jobs and getting bullied out of an important story, which cold have some adverse effects on the American people and the media trying to do their job effectively.

A media disaster or is Donald Trump really that nutcase about the American Media Press Corps gone wild in an unknown chatered territory in new the presidential frontier. We shall see how he fairs in the upcoming weeks and months.

I’m still to sure if Donald Trump is ready to be President, even though he takes over the Oval Office, from President Obama next week, now that’s even scarier to say….

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