Shoveling snow, becomes napster!

jan-2014-snow-1When you get some overnight snow into the next morning, you wonder, if your going to have to shovel off, the fresh cold white powder the very next morning – that’s exactly what happened yesterday morning at the new digs. After getting white out conditions overnight from the lake effect snow the night before, the Canadian clipper had begun its wrath on the Midwestern and New England states.

With a bone chilling twenty-six degrees, I woke up, the clouds broke, the sun came out and shot the morning mercury to the mid twenties or thirties for the rest of the day as some snow melted off, against the basking warm sun.

Wondering, if the snow would return later in the day? Life moves on. Not only the sun kept the snow at bay, it melted off the remaining layers, it had left behind the night before. It wasn’t enough to build a legendary snowman or other snow like sculpture and all – unless you went up north or northeast into the New England states.

I’m chatty, a weather nut. I like all kinds of weather from severe storms to the average joe snowstorm. Take your pick, as I’m likely to chase those mogul storms from the pants of my seat and the comfort of my desk at any given time of the day or night. It’s just another one of those weather geeks days! Sigh. What’s next on the agenda?


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