The Decade – Ten Years!

Cochlear Implant
February 2007

Ten years in the making, “literally, a long time,” as some would say. It seems that way after ten years, as I try to comprehend how time traveled so fast in ten years!

Amazing at what time does to one’s brain – given you the goosebumps of time travel through quantum leap.

It wasn’t something, I was expected to happen until later in life. But, I guess, having it start early could be a rejoice in making viral decisions, when it comes to being a serious adult with serious adult decisions.

Some, folks ask me if I ever “regret” having a Cochlear Implant versus wearing hearing aids? It is something of a legend of the past and a watchdog of the future or at least something in between the two.

In my own words, “no” as, I tell them honestly and upfront. I’ve really never felt any regrets of making a major life decision in life, such as having a Cochlear Implant.

In fact, I had welcomed the idea later in life, than, I did in my earlier years of childhood. Back than, I had once vowed, “I’d never” get a Cochlear Implant – no matter how bad my hearing got in my future years, I vowed to never succeed to the chip on my shoulder of the red dragon trying to disavow me into not succeeding to a successful CI Journey and to the life of hearing, once again.

I proved that little SOB red dragon wrong, has he sat on the chip of my shoulder, literally bitching like crazy beanstalk gone wild.

It downed on me over the past weekend, while, I was looking for a specific YouTube video. I came up upon some videos of people having their own Cochlear Implants “turned-on” with some inspiring results and more – even reminding me of my own journey.

It is a story that has been told time and time again over the years. Some, find it so inspiring, that many have never thought such technology would be so advanced into the future.

Surely enough, I’m amazed myself. I’ve become a fan and an advocate of the technology, as well to those with severe or profound hearing loss and more.

ChangeIn the ten-years, since that very first day, I walked out of the now defunct Eugene Hearing and Speech Center in Eugene, Oregon, with a new implanted Cochlear Implant, my life changed forever.

The CI technology has taught me a lot about life and what it is to expect from the great minds behind the process of those who build and produce such advanced technology for those with profound and severe hearing loss in today’s world.

For many, their world is no longer silent. The change of life and pace with a Cochlear Implant has taken some by storm and back to the “hearing world,” as many lost their own hearing, as I did with my own hearing loss during my earlier years of life my early childhood in the late 1960’s.

Since 2007, its been music to my ears with the gift of hearing. My Cochlear Implant is not just my ears, it is my “ears” and my lifeline to the hearing the hearing world.

I remember as a young child living on my family’s farm in rural Douglas County, Oregon, in the late 1960’s, the unexpected journey began, to the life of wearing hearing aids until 2005-’06. At the  same time, I started exploring the idea of getting into more advanced technology to help me hear and for a better life – it was the last step, the last straw in the haystack, an avenue no other to go on – it was the dreaded choice.

The choice was the ultimate decision, it was done and over with and there was no turning back the clock.

That very decision didn’t come about until the fall of 2006 and the surgery took place the following year in early Feb 2007, after three surgical date conflicts with the surgeon’s busy work schedule.

uss_enterprise_ncc-1701-aIt’s never been a dull moment, since the day of my infamous life decision to have a Cochlear Implant.

My silent world hasn’t been silent since, the very day of my infamy decision to follow a whole new world with new possibilities.

It pitched more surprises, than, I had ever thought possible.

It was like getting a brand spanking new U.S.S. Starship Enterprise to take my adventures to the far reaches of space and where man has boldly never gone before, in the vast reaches of the final frontier – a world that has gone a complete 360 degree spin around to the moon and back, the adventures into my Cochlear Implant journey has taken me to a whole new perspective for such advanced technology, than it did during my childhood years.

What will my visions of the next decade of ten years yield into the future? I can see the technology rapidly advancing into far greater heights than what’s available in today’s Cochlear technology.

There’s room for food for thought and theirs even more room for more out of this world journey’s for those who continue to seek to hear the world, they once believed they would dream to hear. As they say, “it’s the gift to hear and more,” the advancement in technology they build into future generations will allow far more stories like my own to be told, from generation to generations to come.

It never stops, it’s that plain and simple as jack and beans.


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